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About ElectroMechanical

Rohi Green's qualified and experience team offers customized solutions meeting the expectations of industry standards and customer's needs. Protective coatings are applicable in most of the industries, it is said that a "stitch in time saves nine". Protective coating is the solution to save unfore¬seen expenditure and maintain product and service quality. In extreme humid climatic conditions such as the Middle East, protective coating offers the most viable solutions to safeguard assets of individuals and organisations.


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Whilst every individual/organization ensures vehicles are serviced in time to restore longevity of the vehicles often the body of the vehicle is ignored and exposed to harsh environment and constant use resulting in deterioration of the vehicle beds. Protective coatings offer solutions for protection and sustainability of the vehicle body. Every Health and Municipality likes to ensure that the refrigerated trucks are HACCP (Hazard analysis and critical control points) and hygiene compliant. Hence protective coating is the solution to the above needs.

  • Truck Bed lining
  • Utility Pick-ups
  • Refrigerated vans and trucks

Industrial Flooring

Industrial protective coating is a solution to protect infrastructure, fabrication, or component from exposure to situations that will ultimately lead to erosion and degradation.

  • Warehouses
  • Kitchens
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Car parkings

Commercial Flooring / Cold storage Flooring / Kitchen Flooring.

Conventionally floors are made of ceramic tiles giving it a nicer look that are vulnerable to slipping and skidding leading to potential body injury. Protective coating solutions provides anti-skid, chemical resistance, durability and ease of cleaning resulting in a safer and eco-friendly environment.

  • Showroom decorative flooring with different coatings
  • Sports arena - Basketball, Tennis, volley ball
  • Indoor sports arena

Marine, Oil Industry and Offshore services

Rohi Green specialty also includes applying flooring services for industrial work areas like canteens, toilets, reception areas, exterior paving and decks. Our services are excellent for boats interior and exterior protection as well.

  • Rigs - Jackets and Platforms
  • Pipes
  • Boats
  • Tugs
  • Barges
  • Ship liners

Farming, Horse stable and Dairy industry To meet hygiene standards in areas such as cowsheds, horse stables, camel sheds, milking parlours, etc., our solution provides a range of high performance protective coatings for the surface which is food safe, hygienic, antiskid, chemical resistant, and anti-bacterial.


All equipment and machinery come in constant contact with sand, gravel and mud which exposes them to corrosion and deterioration. Our protective coating solutions can help in restoring longevity of your assets and return on investments (ROI). It also extends the life of an asset by slowing the process of wear and tear.

  • Bulldozers
  • earthmoving equipments, etc.,

School and Institutions

We provide solution which achieves a high performance decorative, protective, waterproofing surface coatings that gives cost effectiveness, safety and functionality required for your school or institutions. Along with providing durable and easy to clean surfaces we can help improve safety standards by providing anti-skid around pool areas, basketball, volleyball courts and exterior paving.


Temp coat Solution

A Ceramic Insulation that is a thin Thermal and Condensation Barrier used as :
  • Heat and Cold Temp Control
  • Personnel Protection
  • Anti-Sweat Control
  • Acoustics Control
  • Roofs, Deck, Bulkheads and Ceilings
  • Bilges, Tanks, ISO containers
  • HVAC ducts, Wire-ways, Pipelines, Marine industry and valves
  • Public Transports
  • Petrochemical and Chemical industries
Thermal Effects:
  • Keqv Value of 0.23 (BTU•in)/(hr•ft²•°F) according to certified, independent tests
  • Product can be applied between -80 and +350 degrees F
Flame Retardant:
  • LOW FLAME SPREAD of 5 (ASTM E-84) (0 is concrete and 100 is red oak flooring)
  • Smoke produced is Non-Toxic
Benefits of Temp Coat::
  • 20 Years of Successful Installation (with NO warranty issues)
  • Non Toxic – (Ph – 8.2) - Approved by FDA and EPA
  • Application with no need for shut-down or process interruption between -80 F and 350F
  • Quick drying - 1/5 liquid by volume
  • Light weight – 5lbs per gallon
  • Acrylic Latex Binders for long life and UV Resistance
  • Inhibits mold and mildew growth
  • High Quality with 10 year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Approved by Multiple Independent Testers
  • Extremely stable in hostile conditions between -80 F to +350 F
  • Color to tint product may be added in country by distributor
  • Remarkable Return on Investment
  • Installed by local certified contractors
Energy Saving Benefits of Temp Coat:
  • Reflective flat roof savings - 40+% on air-con costs Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, California
  • Air-conditioning load reduced by up to 39%
  • Lower peak use – up to 28%
  • Multi-year study in Sacramento – Municipality pays rebates for this application
  • Commercial buildings benefit from 20+% energy saving
  • Protects roofs
  • Increases life of roof by 12 to 15 years
  • 20 mil (500 microns) equals a U Value of 19
  • 500 microns equals 50 mm of Rockwool
Testing and Approvals: ASTM Tests Satisfied:
  • C-177 (Thermo-Conductivity)
  • D-792 (Density/Weight)
  • G-53 (Accelerated Aging)
  • B-117 (Salt Fog Testing)
  • D-3359 (Cross Hatch Adhesion)
  • D-882 (Tensile Strength)
  • E-84 (Flame Spread)
  • E-1461-92 (Thermal Diffusivity)
  • E-1269 (Specific Heat Capacity)
All Test Results are independently certified.


Polyurea coating is a produt of Polycoat Company made in USA. One of the various applications of this product sage is for the residential areas, Viz, The Car parking area or the garage, the pavements or any surrounding areas hich will give an appealing look to the house. This product being antiskid will avoid slippage during the rainy season . Thus maintaining the safety of the household. Moreover this product being chemical resistant can be washed on a daily basis with any harsh detergent thus maintaining cleanliness and hygiene standards.

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